Plans for August

August is going to be a pretty exciting month. We are moving to a new place on the 1st which I’m ridiculously excited about (although t...

August is going to be a pretty exciting month. We are moving to a new place on the 1st which I’m ridiculously excited about (although this might change when I actually start packing). Moving also means a trip (or more?) to Ikea and my new favourite shop, the Flying Tiger, where we are probably going spend a bit more than we should…

  1. Moving is the month's main event, but there are many other things I’m looking forward to: 
  2. A 5-day long holiday at Balaton: last year was the first time (in 22 years!) that I didn’t go to Balaton and I was really sad about it for a very long time. 
  3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book
  4. Sugar waxing 
  5. Getting some stuff: I ordered a comedo extractor (because I’m disgustingly enjoy squeezing blackheads) and a set of 7 RT Bold Metals “dupe” makeup brushes, and they should arrive sometime this month. I will also get my new, proper hairdryer and a totally functioning hair straightener. Bad hair days be gone? Hopefully yes! 
  6. Doing some fun things I didn’t do because I was busy with graduating and working, including: going to the cinema, going to play mini golf and just chilling. Lots of chilling. 
  7. Doing my 30-day exercise challenge: I was doing Lauren Conrad’s 30-Day Abs Challenge in June and July and I really enjoy the results I got. For August I thought I’d do my own 30-day challenge and see how it goes. I also plan to run a bit more. 
  8. Buying a fitness ball in Flying Tiger: I’ve wanted a fitness ball ever since my friend told me that it’s the best thing she ever bought. She was mainly using it as a chair and said that it was really good for her back, but I plan on using it for exercises too. Or, to be more realistic: rolling on it on my tummy and getting bruised. 
  9. Finishing watching Friends: sadly, this will happen in August. We started watching the series in January and it took us a good 8 months to get through it. When is it the right time to start it from the beginning again?

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  1. Sziaszia! Kezdő bloggerként nagyon szívesen olvasnám a tapasztalataidat, tippeket, ötleteket, hogy hogyan építhetném blogspoton az oldalam (tudom, hogy te is gportalon kezdted, mint én, de valamiért nem sikerül beletanulnom a blogspotba, ezért nagyon értékelném a segítséget).

    1. Szia! Szerintem a legfontosabb, hogy találj egy jó témát, ami tetszik és szereted használni. Sajnos más tippem nincsen, játssz a templatekkel és a layout részben levő modulokkal. :)


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